List: Top 5 Films of 2016

Every year I post a list of my favorite films that I saw and that were both released within the calendar period. This of course will leave some gaps, and this years I have some big ones. From Green Room to the Neon Demon, I didn't get to the movies as often as I have in the past. 

With that being said.... [drum roll].

This film is everything a big budget tentpole film should be. Exciting, crowd pleasing and a little bit of pathos. The fight scenes had the most impact out of any Marvel superhero flick to date, in my opinion. If you haven't been converted to Stan Lee's universe of superheros, it's time.

I caught this on home video, and it's a fun cartoon with a great message. Shakira maybe has the tie-in song of the year. 

This film might have been ranked higher had it not had such a rocky first act. I'm a huge sucker for Star Wars, so I'm probably biased anyhow. 

The VVitch
This movie is decidedly NOT a crowd pleaser. It's disturbing treatise on family dysfunction set against a backdrop of Puritanical fear of the unknown (ie "The vvitches"). Though it masquerades as a horror film, it has more in common with the type of movie you might see at an independent film festival. It's primal filmmaking, but not for the faint of heart.

The quasi-tie-in to the Cloverfield franchise, had a great B-Movie, Twilight Zone style entry this year. It was a close tie between this and the decidely more cerebral The Arrival for spot #5.

Detroit-Centric Honorable mention: Don't Breathe

That's one Disney dominated list! A decade ago, it might have been improbable that Disney would be putting out such high quality, live action films.


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